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Our purpose is to express our ability to connect fitness & wellness professionals (personal trainers, boot camp, boxing, yoga instructors, massage therapists and more) to people who are looking to improve their mind, body, and soul.

Hi I'm Otis Sutherland, founder and president of I Need a Trainer.com

I started the website back in August 2004 as a way to connect health and wellness professionals with people looking to stay in shape -- mind, body and soul.
I'm no stranger to fitness - I've played competitive sports all my life, including hockey, football, baseball, soccer and boxing. My love of fitness led me to earn certifications through the Fitness Ontario Leadership Program, Can-Fit-Pro, Boxing Ontario and Twist Conditioning. I've led people on the path to good health as a personal trainer for nearly 10 years.
Outside of the gym and in the business world, I am a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). My designation has helped inspire me to merge my corporate experience with my passion for health and wellness. This website is the result.
Special thanks to: Jamie and Andy Dumas (check them out at  www.theonetwopunch.com), friends, family, clients, team trainer and the rest of supporters.

Connect and Get Fit.