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EQUALIZER TRAINING Chris Roche E-mail Versatile, portable and unique, are ways to describe the Lebert Equalizer. For strength, agility, sport-specific training or cross training this is a system no trainer should be without! The “EQ” is appropriate for almost any fitness setting, group training, studio, boot camp or rehabilitation centre, and for the first time in a group exercise setting, allows participants to perform a body weight pull up! This system is simple to learn and easy to implement as a stand-alone program or to complement existing programming.

This interactive day will ensure that participants have ample opportunity to experience and practice their skill and exit the day with confidence to integrate the EQ into daily use right away.

CECs: 3 Can-Fit-Pro PTS, FIS

Course Date:
Sunday, March 28, 2010, 12:00pm to 6:00 pm

fuel Fitness, 5400 Dixie Road, Mississauga, Ontario

Course Fee:
Early bird rate: $169.00 (CAD + GST)
Regular rate: $189.00 (CAD + GST) less than 2 weeks prior to course date

Register online at http://www.lebertfitness.com/.
Strength Training Workshop - Cutting Edge Techniques (12 hours) John Paul Catanzaro E-mail Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario

In this workshop, you will learn the following:

- Jettison technique

- Eccentric training (negative accentuated training, omni exercises on Swiss ball, and eccentric hooks)

- Isometrics and isometronics

- Vibration techniques

- Bottom-position squats & bench press

- Advanced stretching techniques

- Grip training (fat bar, Ironmind implements, and hyperirradiation)

- Calf strengthening & stretching methods

- Balance boards for increased strength

- Recovery methods

- Swiss ball use to increase neural drive

 In addition, you will learn 3 methods to increase arm strength by up to 10% instantly, as well as 6 ways to beef up calf size, and a slew of techniques for everything else in between! Thought all those balance tools were useless - don't throw them out just yet. Various unique methods of grip training will be demonstrated to catapult overall size and strength. Discover how your senses (sight, sound, smell and touch) affect your strength and how to improve the odds in your favor, and so much more...

Certified KettleboxingTM Coach Christopher Reed E-mail

When:  March 19th (6pm-9pm), 20th (9am-5pm), 21st (9am-5pm)

Where:  Empire Fitness, 234 Birmingham Street, Toronto, Ontario, M8V 1C8

Cost: $750.00CDN

This is an intensive 3 day, 20 hour course that is designed to turn you into a fitness leader!  Topics covered will teach you a sure-fire blueprint for success that will see you leading the life you choose in a career you love! 
Practical components will cover: warm-up, rehab / prehab, class design & formatting, Kettlebell / Muay Thai / Bodyweight / Cardio & abdominal Training, cool down.
Theoretical Components will cover: finding your niche, marketing and capture, sensual selling, Neurolinguistic Programming, Back-end business systems essential to success in the fitness industry and so much more....
What you get: comprehensive 70 pg. Manual with full illustrations, usb key with all of the back-end business systems loaded with tonnes of amazing tools that will give you a plug & play business model to follow, 20 hours of practical & theoretical teaching, free advertising on my website as an affiliate (FREE of charge FOR LIFE!) and my personal support throughout your journey to fitness entrepreneurial success!