The Far-flung Wildlife Haven

Milky turquoise seas, limestone cliffs, and eucalyptus forests are all the eye can see on the Kangaroo Islands. Located 70 miles off the mainland of South Australia, this is a wild destination with big-bellied koala bears and Kangaroos. 

Even though the recent bushfire swept through a third of the island’s area, the locals depend on tourism and have worked hard to bring back the island to an excellent place to visit. 

Little Sahara dunes still remain standing, and the Sea Bay sea lion colony is as vibrant as ever. There are recently opened beach houses on Hamilton, and Dune offers 24 hours of concierge service. The view from these beach houses reveals Emu-bay, home of large penguin families. 

Land to Explore

In this case, the journey is just as exciting as the destination. There are 1600 kilometers of scene road to explore on 

Kangaroo Island. These roads at mostly unsealed, offering a unique way of exploring the island. You can hire a four-wheel drive and spend two hours to move east to west on the island. An extra 45 minutes will take you north to south. Best of all, the roads are rarely crowded, so your only entertainment will be wildlife. 

Diving Paradise 

The waters of the Kangaroo Islands give some of the best temperatures for diving in Australia. Aside from the clear waters, the spots are not short of attractions. There are brightly colored corals and colonies of colorful fish. For the curious mind, the ocean floor offers wreckage from at least 60 shipwrecks. Many of them are easily accessible to divers, so prepare to explore. 

Kangaroos in the Wild

The attraction that brings people to this island is in the name, Kangaroos. If you have never been up close to these majestic creatures, then this is your chance. Due to isolation from the mainland’s predators, this is the only place you can find these exotic animals. Tourists have noted that you can spot a kangaroo within 20 minutes of arriving. They are found all over the island and tend to travel in groups known as mobs. It is here that you can see a beautiful subspecies of the Western grey kangaroos. 

Seal Bay

The Seal Bay Conservation Park is another island star attraction. It is tastefully strung along the Southern Coast of the Island. It is a protected area that is home to the third-largest sea lion colony in Australia. Best of all, there are no cages or enclosures of any kind. Instead, the experience is all about observing with limited interacting. This endangered colony is quite the relaxed species and can be found snoozing along the park’s white-sand beaches lounging in the sun. You can 3atch them from the extensive boardwalk just above the Beach or join a guided tour to step out onto the sand. 

A Toast

Kangaroo Island is becoming a wine country with 30 vineyards spread across the Southern Coast. Tourists have been visiting the island for a taste of freshly made wine from succulent, rich grapes. There is also great a lineup of gins, vodkas, and liqueurs for those who want something stronger.